CBYX welcomes applications from all eligible U.S. citizens regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, geographic location, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We want American CBYX participants to represent the diversity of the United States to our German host families and host communities. We also want the American families who host German CBYX participants to represent the diversity of the United States so that all communities across the United States have the opportunity to learn about Germany and teach Germans about their unique experience as Americans.

CBYX understands that all participants can benefit from support that is tailored to their needs. For example, Americans of color abroad may need someone to talk to who understands what it is like to be in a population who may not be as familiar with their ethnic/racial identification. Americans with disabilities may find that they need extra support in settling in with a host family and getting oriented to their new community. Americans who are from urban areas and are placed in rural areas may need support in adjusting to the different types of socialization opportunities in rural areas. These are just a few examples of the types of support that the CBYX program tries to provide to participants.

Over the past several years we have made significant progress on increasing the diversity of American CBYXers, but much work and learning remains to be done. We appreciate your feedback on how we can do better. Please email us at [email protected] with your feedback.