Yes! CBYX has alumni who identify as having a disability who have had amazing exchange experiences. Of course, like any year in your life there will be challenges, but most of our alumni have reported that their experience was overwhelmingly positive. While the application is open, many of our CBYX partners organize virtual events where applicants can talk directly with alumni about their experiences and we encourage you to participate in one of those sessions.

Germany is a well-developed country and, while accommodations vary across both cities and rural areas, infrastructure and services for people with disabilities are generally, but not universally, available. Communicate with your implementing organization as soon as possible regarding any accommodations you need for daily life, both in your home and academic settings. The more detailed the information you can provide, the better so that an accessible host family home and school can be identified for you.

Consult with your host family and implementing organization, as appropriate, to determine what services are available in your host community.