CBYX Participants Meet with German Parliament Member

Press Release of Henning Otte, Member of the German Parliament
Berlin, June 21st 2012

A heart for Germany and the United States of America
As a part of the sponsorship of three American exchange students with the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship (CBYX) from the county district of Celle, the local member of the German Parliament, Henning Otte (CDU), met with CBYX scholarship recipients Katie McAuliffe, Alessandra Daniels, and Katlyn Brown, who each live with a host family in Celle and Beedenbostel, at the German Parliament Building on “Berlin Day.”

At the meeting, the three exchange students informed Henning Otte about their experiences in the district of Celle with their host families and friends at their schools, Kaiserin-Auguste-Viktoria-Gymnasium in Celle, and Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium in Lachendorf. All three students agreed that, over this one year exchange program, they have gained many experiences through the friendliness and support of their communities in the district of Celle that they can forever hold in their hearts about Germany, especially after their departure to the US on July 5th.

Alongside their meeting with their sponsor Henning Otte, there were also additional highlights of ”Berlin Day,“ such as a visit to a Parliament session with the President of the German Parliament, Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, and an ambassador of the United States of America, Phillip D. Murphy.

Photo: (From left to right) Katlyn Brown, Henning Otte, Katie McAuliffe and Alessandra Daniels are pleased with a successful exchange year in the district of Celle.

Translation from the original German by CBYX Participant Alessandra Daniels